Founded in the Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China in the year 2010, TH Group Limited focuses on international trade of Indonesian products, research and development of herbal medicines and cultural exchange between China and Indonesia. Apart from being the biggest Indonesian lifestyle home and center, Indonesian Street in Macao SAR, China, the company’s businesses also include sourcing, import and export and property development.   Subsidiaries of TH Group Limited include Indonesian Street (Macao Shop), Insense, Harimau Green Pharmaceutical Industry Co. Limited and PT. Sun Resort, affiliated companies include Quest Biotech Limited, Poto Asia Limited and ISC Asia Limited.


We strive to make a difference in our business practice, a business model with humanity and contribute to our corporate citizens and nature.


Through our business achievements, we contribute back to the society by supporting those who are in need to build their business and improve their living environment. We take the responsibility to protect our Mother Earth and the environment.


It is my great pleasure to be writing this message to those who are interested in knowing more about us, First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your interest.

It has been a long and difficult journey to become what we are today, and yet this journey has been full of pleasures and blessings. Over the past few years we have been working hard, aiming to be the bridge between China and Indonesia economically and culturally, and looking forward to the international market. We have, fortunately, reached the stage where we believe we can do better and can do more for this world.

As a responsible corporate citizen, we enhance the sense of responsibility to do something that can help the public and the very planet which we call home. We can only do this by continuously challenging ourselves and promoting our traditions innovatively and in ways that no one has ever done before.

It is our goal to do business differently based on a win-win situation. A business model with humanity and a mission for contributing to our corporate citizens and nature. We are committed to spending a significant amount of our yearly revenue towards the establishment and development of a charitable foundation. By setting up this foundation along with a series of environmental protection measures, we hope we can help contribute to a better and greener future for the younger generation and the generations who will come after them.

All our team members are an integral part of our corporation and all are also part of this commitment. We strive to go a step further than others have gone before, and we are making a difference!
Onida Lam
Chief Executive Officer of TH Group Limited


Indonesian Street

The biggest and the most popular home and lifestyle center of Indonesian culture in Macao was opened in October 2010. The 20,000 square feet Indonesian Street, exhibits more than thousand kinds of valuable handmade art pieces from Indonesia. Products include fossils from over millions of years, the most precious Agarwood, various types of valuable wooden furniture, carvings, sculptures, handicrafts and food products, etc.


Wild Agarwood accessories collection brand that are fully handmade, each pieces got their own individuality, giving off a unique, eternal and natural aroma. The whole series of incense collectibles that are under our brand “Insense” has obtained the official certification of the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) import and export certificate, which is the best guarantee of quality.

Royal Bird's Nest

Specializing in the breeding, harvesting and processing of the finest birds’ nest meeting the highest GMP standards for food, we provide 100% natural birds’ nest to our customers.

Harimau Green Pharmaceutical Industry Co. Limited

Harimau Green Pharmaceutical Industry Co. Limited is subsidary of TH Group which is focusing on the R&D of natural medicine products and investment on production of Dragon’s Blood. The company invested and built a Dragon’s blood factory in Semarang City, Indonesia, it always adheres to the corporate culture and humanistic concern of TH Group.

PT. Sun Resort

PT. Sun Resort, subsidiary of TH Group Limited, was formed in Bintan Island, Indonesia in 2011 under registration no.: 178/PI-8/0362/BPMPD/2013. The master project of PT. Sun Resort – Indonesian Street City (ISC), is planned to be a premium high-end complex with integrated facility that will provide commercial, residential, travel, cultural and exhibition facilities. With an ecological balance and embraced by the nature, the ISC provides you a healthier environment with beautiful, astonishing view of tropical heaven.

Quest Biotech Limited

Quest Biotech Limited is an affiliated company of TH Group, with its professional research and development team, is dedicated to the study of herbal medicine and food supplement, its development and practical application. With the co-operation of the Institute of Chinese Materia Medica, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Quest Biotech has successfully applied for two patents, namely, A New Chemical Compound on Curing Cardio-Vascular Disease and Its Methods and Usages (patent number: 200810167101.2) and ELISA Testing Method and Its Application on Dragon Blood (patent number: 200810182606.6) in the State Intellectual Property Office in Beijing.


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Avenida dos Jardins do Oceano, Taipa, Macau

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